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Hello Everyone!  

The Galavant Girl is back with her new webisode.  Now.. this one is for REAL, people… edited, music, photos, on location.  Not bad I think for a one-woman crew and talent.  
This was extremely off the cuff, since the battery in my camera gave me only one shot.
All the photos in the video are mine.  You can see more photos by clicking the link at the top of the blog that says GALAVANT IMAGES.
The music in this entry is by Milla Jovovich.  One of my favorite fashionistas, and we’re near the same age.. HA!
So, I hope you enjoy.  Let me know if you have any questions about the piece.  Off to Cinque Terre!!
Unfortunately, there was no way to upload the video into the blog space, due to some technical Flash issues–BUT, you tube is better anyway.. ha ha
The Galavant Girl,

a.k.a. Elise McMullen

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