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So.. I shot this video of Monterosso and then up and went to Tuscany, hoping to launch the video within 24 hours, and to my chagrin, I had NO and I mean NO internet access.  But, maybe that was a blessing in disguise because I had the opportunity to get a deeper feel of the Tuscan hillside, but I want you to see more of Monterosso Al Mare!
I loved Monterosso, and have chosen it as my ultimate getaway spot.  I hope you like the video, which had to be shot on the terrace of the villa due to all the wind blowing up over the beaches and into the rocks.  It was incredible!
The music you hear is Gigi.  Of course my sponsor is navigate360.
Let me also give you a few helpful links:
Ok!  So here is the video–on youtube of course, since this program hates to upload video with an internet usb key.  Enjoy!
Elise, aka, The Galavant Girl


  1. Peg
    February, 2010

    Loved, loved, loved the video! The pictures make me want to go there…

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    April, 2010



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    April, 2010

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    May, 2010


    What a wonderful read thanks for the insight loved it !

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