Galavant Girl: Farewell to Italy

Hello Everyone,

Needless to say, due to technical snafus the last webisode was not posted here on the Galavant Girl blog.  But have no fear! Here it is. This is my farewell to Italy, but if you see on the last screen image, it let’s you know the Galavant Girl will soon hit NYC.  It will be called, The Galavant Girl: Bridging New York, one bite at a time.
So, stay tuned.  You’re going to see a lot about New York City, from dairy farms, to a look at Ellis Island, Chinatown, passover seders, markets, and much much more.  
Finally, if you’ve liked following me.  You can always contact me through my website and give me some ideas on where I should visit and what I should cover.  I’ve heard New Orleans, LA and Sommerset, England.  What do you suggest?
Thanks for following!
The Galavant Girl
a.k.a. Elise McMullen
Italian Winter:  Farewell to Italy, here on youtube:

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