Galavant Girl under Remodel

  Hello all my dear Galavant Girl Followers….

After a much needed hiatus, and now with some advice from Mr. David Iwanow Mr. David Iwanow at The Lost Agency–who has written books and counseled big wigs about their sites and if Google likes them or not–The Galavant Girl will be undergoing some nice changes!
What’s to come…
–many more entries.. shorter, but still full of heart
–travel essays… for those of you who like to get lost in a story
–more photos and videos, directly from the site
This is taking a wee bit of time to get set up and put together with all the ûber-technical BS writers must wade through these days to make things happen… but it will be up very very soon.
Thank you everyone for following me and keeping up!  Stay tuned!!!
Elise McMullen
aka  The Galavant Girl

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