New York City: How to Survive the City When You’re Sick

The Galavant Girl is down. Sick and stuck in an apartment. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise to save me from the heat. Or, maybe it’s just torture, and I’ll just have to suck it up and move on. Whatever. Sick sucks.

While in this forlorn state, I thought I’d share some good tips on “sick recovery” to all those new to New York City or staying here on vacation.
1) First and foremost: Don’t get into a subway. Please for the love of all things good and right in the world, don’t spread your sick around. We’re locked in there with you and we have no escape. So take a taxi, walk or stay home.
2) If you can manage to get out just once, go to the nearest bodega and purchase water, meds, kleenex, fruit and some kind of flowers. You are about to create a dungeon for yourself, where all you do is lay there and watch instant play on Netflix, or really bad hotel TV, so brighten up the space to ease the misery.
3) Save money and buy the generic brands of your meds. Just check the ingredients to make sure it really IS the same thing.
4) Most diners deliver, and most of them have amazing chicken noodle soup. Have that delivered. It’s well worth it and remember, you ARE in New York City… EVERYTHING can be delivered with a little research.  Check out
5) Give yourself a break. Feel free to keep up with emails, but refrain from doing real work. Allow yourself to rest. The emails will keep things going, keep the city running at its usual pace, and you will keep at your pace in your womb like cave.
6) When you’re feeling better. Try to get up in the morning instead of the afternoon and get outside. Walk down the block. Buy a coffee. The morning light is healing, and the city a bit slower. Take your time. 
7) If you’re on vacation, take advantage of what your hotel has to offer. Call the concierge and ask about the best restaurants that deliver to your area. Take small afternoon walks as far as you can around your hotel if the area isn’t too busy, OR, put on your most comfortable shoes and sunglasses and have a taxi take you to a neighborhood you’d like to see. Slowly walk around. Take it in. Don’t rush. Stop from time to time in a cafe and have a tea, water, rest and rest-stop. You will probably prefer this over the main site-seeing anyway. When you are tuckered out, hop back into a cab to your hotel and head back to Horizontal Land.
8) If you’re new to living here in the city and If you are having to go back into work, make it later than usual, so you’re not thrown in to things too fast and rebound. Recapture yourself by setting the day. Take a taxi. Take a pack from home: hand sanitizer, good kleenex, hand lotion, eye-drops and maybe a few of the flowers you bought. Wear something that makes you look like a million bucks. No one will know worse for wear. This city doesn’t send get-well cards, so be nice to your self. You deserve it.
9) If you need it, hotels can also connect you to a nurse or doctor via telephone. And, don’t forget to ask them if your room is available past your check out date. Sometimes it’s just better to stay a few days longer and pay to change your airline ticket return date, than rushing to and through an airport. We can be very forgetful when we’re sick, and who knows what you’ll leave behind.   
10) One last tidbit… if you think you need to get to a hospital but you know that you are NOT about to die, don’t take an ambulance. Take a taxi. One ambulance ride can cost you at least $600. BUT, by all means if it is a real emergency, get help through 911. 
Good luck my dears–new to this wondrous city. Time to watch When Harry Met Sally ….. again….
—Elise McMullen a.k.a. The Galavant Girl
bodega photo by Josh Goldstein

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