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Don’t Go to Tuscany if You Don’t Like to Eat!

I hate the words “weather permitting.” It messes with all of my modern sensibilities filled with iPhones and the Internet. It strips me of my New York City conveniences, where I can get anything I want at just about any time of day. I think, “I’d like coffee and bagels delivered this morning,” and in about 15 minutes they are there. I say, “I need to go to a bank,” and there is one open, even on Sunday. Social hours last well till four in the morning if not later, blurry-eyed at the diner.

The Galavant Girl: Italian Winter: Entry 2

Hello Everyone!   The Galavant Girl is back with her new webisode.  Now.. this one is for REAL, people… edited, music, photos, on location.  Not bad I think for a one-woman crew and talent.   This was extremely off the cuff, since the battery in my camera gave me only one shot. All the photos […]

Warm Smiles With a Side of Pesto

All I can say is, “What a wonderful family.”  I arrived at the Campari’s around 11 am, but was more than exhausted from the jet lag to communicate my best. And, I was a bit concerned that I would never in my life be able to speak in Italian when I met the Campari’s maid, […]

Aer Lingus is Great… It’s the Overseas Travel That Can Be Challenging

Air travel.  Are you the type to avoid airplanes at all costs? Or, are you the type of adventurer that likes to hop on a cylindrical beast with wings from time to time just to get out of dodge? I have been traveling in airplanes since I was a child, but my first flight alone […]

Three, Two, One Action: The Galavant Girl Live (almost)

Check it out! Herebelow is my first video blog entry.  Not all of my video blogs will be mesitting in front of the good ol’ Macbook Pro.  There will also be plentyof on-location video, but you’ll just have to keep watching to see them…subscribe…   Here she is… Live… almost… On youtube:  The Galavant Girl: […]

Ready or Not… Italy Cometh….

it looks like I’m off! Well I’ll be off tomorrow… Holy cow. Anyway, I realize tonight, there is nothing I can do to be more prepared. Not one little thing. This Galavant girl just has to…. go.

The Galavant Girl Takes A Mission

So, here in NYC I’m on a countdown to Italy.  Yes, Italy.  Just before Thanksgiving, I started receiving a “calling” straight from God. (You can call it the Universe, the Force or the Great
Spirit in the Sky, whatever you like, but I’m more of a Blues Brothers kinda gal.) This message shooting me in the head was telling me I needed to get out of NYC and spend sometime elsewhere.  I
thought, “Yeah, right.  Okay God, if that’s what you really want, make it happen.”  I can be quite bold in these little conversations.  He can read …


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